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Find Healing & Hope

on the Frontlines of Conflict & Peacebuilding


"Act hip and do something healing
for yourself and the world."

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Rachel Mann PhD provides consulting, training programs and courses to individuals and organizations working on the frontlines of violence, conflict & peacebuilding around the world through her signature program, the Activated Constellation of Trauma Healing for Peacemaking.

Develop and/or deepen a trauma-informed approach to your work as an activist and/or professional both for yourself, your organization, and/or the clients and communities you serve.

Bring into your work effective, pragmatic and sacred tools and knowledge adapted from ancient and contemporary wisdom to create safety, resilience and recovery. Upshift self-awareness and self-care.

Learn how to transform trauma. 


These are two trauma-informed projects undertaken by Rachel to educate and support activists so they can do their work better resourced and more creatively:

Supporting professionals and volunteers in the field of sexual and domestic violence

In collaboration with the Virginia Sexual and Domestic Violence Action Alliance, Rachel has provided training on how to prevent and/or recover from secondary traumatic stress. 

Supporting activists and professionals in service to others

Rachel is partnering with Holistically Well to support social justice networks and practitioners around the world flourish and grow through trauma-informed educational materials and a workshop in July:

Self-Healing to Recover from Burnout & Stress.


Tap into a rich online resources for developing a greater understanding of the psycho-soul dimensions of activism on the frontlines of conflict, violence and peacebuilding.


Online Summit

Sacred Activism for Peacemaking


Destiny Lines: Sacred Activism for Peacemaking & Ending Violence

Courses & Workshops

The Activated Constellation of Trauma Healing & Peacemaking


Self-Healing to Recover from Burnout & Stress

YouTube Channel

Sacred Activism for Peacemaking 

Rachel's Blog

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Rachel Mann PhD is a sacred activist, social scientist, healer and spiritual teacher with a passion for ending violence and oppression and supporting human rights and peacemaking around the world. 


“Rachel created the sense of excitement that I was finding a place in the world.  Working with Rachel felt like stepping through a door that grounded my work into spirit and life force, creativity and earth.  She builds a sense of community and connection within which each one of us is able to feel our unique individuality as a community of practitioners where we all feel safe and comfortable to explore the ways trauma impacts us and how to find a way out.”

Community Art Activist

Pamela Underhill


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